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15. My Health Record - risks and tips

December 20, 2018
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This podcast is essential listening—especially before 31 January 2019 when all Australians will receive a My Health Record unless they opt out by that date.


In this podcast we talk with lawyers from law firm Dentons and the Inner City Legal Centre (ICLC)—who together operate the Trans and Gender Diverse Legal Service and help clients navigate the My Health Record system.


We talk about:

·         what is My Health Record

·         what are its advantages and disadvantages

·         privacy and cyber security risks

·         risks for people in domestic violence situations

·         tips to protect your health records

·         recent positive changes to My Health Record, and

·         how you can help people understand and make decisions about My Health Record


We speak specifically about issues for transgender and gender diverse people. But this podcast is also helpful for community workers who support clients who may have concerns about My Health Record, and, well, all Australians really.


Referrals and more information

To find more information about where your clients can get help contact:


·         Inner City Legal Centre

·         The Trans and Gender Diverse Legal Service: (02) 9332 1966

·         Fact sheet on My Health Record for transgender and gender diverse individuals

·         My Health Record website

·         The Gender Centre

·         Twenty10

·         Legal Aid NSW webinar―My Health Record—Risks and tips recorded on 13 December 2018

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