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Episode 9. ADVOs in NSW — things are changing for the better

July 6, 2018
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ADVOs in NSW - things are changing for the better

 In this podcast we talk about how lawyers and community workers in the family violence sector are working closely together to help keep people who are affected by family violence safe.

 Listen to this podcast to learn about:

  • how domestic violence laws in NSW have changed
  • the new Plain English ADVOs
  • new services and collaborations that are helping to keep people safe
  • how you can help people to access these services.

  Glossary of terms used in the podcast

  • AVO-Apprehended Violence Order
  • ADVO-Apprehended Domestic Violence Order
  • PINOP-Person in Need of Protection
  • POI-Person of Interest
  • WDVCAS-Womens Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service
  • DVU-Domestic Violence Unit (Legal Aid NSW)
  • FASS-Family Advocacy Support Service (Legal Aid NSW)

  Referrals and more information

To find more information about where your clients can get help contact:

  Look after yourself

Some of our topics may contain sensitive or confronting content. We want this to be a safe space for listeners. Please check the topic and description of the podcast before you tune in. If you need support there are services that can help:

  Free legal help

If you have a legal problem you can call our helpline LawAccess NSW 1300 888 529 between 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

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